The Complete Bookmaker Solution

Simple yet powerful, BookieBase is a complete software solution for small to medium sized bookmakers

The Case for BookieBase

BookieBase is a complete software solution for small to medium sized bookmakers. It is an ideal system for telephone and text betting operations and boutique firms processing a relatively small number of bets. It is designed to work with or without data feeds. While it can be enhanced with data feeds, it aims to operate just as well without them. It provides a range of tools for making the entry and settlement of manually created selections as straightforward and efficient as possible. This enables “No Data” and “Low Data” operators to process quite a number of bets without needing to pay for expensive data feeds on day one. As your customer base and bet volume grow, you can add feeds and unlock a range of at-scale features, such as automated settlement, automated text-to-bet processing and BookieBase Sportsbook, a fully featured customer facing sportsbook.

Bet Processing

Build, enter and settle all popular bet types. Bets created with data feed selections settle automatically.


Handle deposits and withdrawals seamlessly via a range of payment methods.


Receive messages in a single unified place, from whatever messaging platforms your customers prefer to use. We integrate with WhatsApp, SMS and others.


BookieBase leverages AI to extract structured bet details from your customers messages. The bet can then be processed automatically or passed along to staff for final approval.
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